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Sales Channel Portal by 319 NetWorks

319Channel Pro Features & Functions

Sales Channel Portals by 319 NetWorks ignite productivity and empower effieciency at each stage of the sales operations lifecycle:

  • Catalyze sales operations inside the organization, closing the sales loop
  • Ignite each stage of the sales process lifecycle
  • Develop and strengthen a professional sales team
  • Empower sales managers to train, motivate, and retain sales personnel
  • Create rich customer engagement with the sales process and convenient self-service accessibility to service
  • Bring collaboration, flexibility, and security to the sales team resources

The 319Channel Pro is delivered as software-as-a-service.  It contains a focused set of Sales Team Productivity tools that run in the portal, as well as other tools embed into your website.


Key features include:



  • Robust integrated messaging system allows the sales team to broadcast messages that will appear in the message center for other sales team member and/or members of the channel
  • On send, the sales person can elect to notify the team/channel with e-mail or SMS notification

Sales Chat Communicator

  • Portal Chat connects and routes chat calls to a defined group of sales/support people within the company
  • Vast set of productivity functions


  • Single location to view and all announcements and important news
  • Can be segmented into categories and is searchable

Education Center

  • Allows internal and / or external factions of the organization to create eLearning course content, deploy classes to students, monitor results, and follow through to completion
  • SCORM 1.2 compliant

Resource Center

  • The Sales Team Resource Center is a virtual library that can store and provide easy access to critical corporate information, marketing materials, product spec sheets, and much more
  • Access to the information is tracked at the item level for all users, providing management with critical audit trails


  • A proprietary knowledge building Q&A community, connecting people with resources and needs
  • Contains logic to anticpate needs and deliver meaningful insights

Find a Dealer

  • Thorough mapping system to locate dealers, connect, and communicate
  • Send directions to e-mail or cell phone

Lead Generator

  • Robust data capturing form system with notification, scheduled mail, and routing
  • Follow-through on leads from creation to closure

Diligence & Team Review System

  • Empowers managers to conduct internal reviews that stay with their team members for progress monitoring
  • Custom renewal system to keep activity fresh, relevant, and up-to-date

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