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Employee Portal by 319 NetWorks

Employee Portals by 319 NetWorks bring significant value to any organization by providing:

  • Reduced Turnover
  • Stronger Team Collaboration
  • Improved Morale
  • Increased Productivity
  • Creative Thought Leadership Initiatives
  • and much more...

In times of declining markets, growing markets, and everything in between, employees are the key assets of any organization. It is essential to create a working environment that is positive, fulfilling, and one that fosters teamwork. Businesses that adopt these guidelines have proven to be more successful in nearly every way as an organization.


An employee portal empowers your staff to achieve greatness in their career.  It provides a forum for employees to have a voice in the direction of the company and creates strong relationships among the workforce – enriching both job and livelihood.  The Employee Portal is a powerful tool for Human Resources to communicate and solicit information from staff, while providing employees self-service management of key information, thus reducing expenditures.  It can be accessed from any place and at any time in a secure manner.


319 NetWorks Employee Portals are customizable, flexible and scalable.  319 NetWorks will tailor your employee portal to match your growing needs and demands; and provide for easy future upgrades such as function enhancements, add-ons, and even integration into internal systems.


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Benefits Center

  • The Benefits Center is a very powerful assembly of tools bringing the HR department into a virtual space for all employees.  It can automate everything from open enrollment to the dispersing of forms and information.

Employee Profile

  • The Employee Profile allows employees to load personal profile images, thus creating a friendlier and more familiar environment at work.  Being able to identify a person by their face increases morale, team building and overall happiness of a workforce.  These connections build interest, excitement and camaraderie within the company.

Company Directory

  • A Company Directory is an ideal tool to allow employees to rapidly find other members of the company based on anything from their name to what department they work in.  It can even be queried by social aspects such as hobbies and much more.

Resource Center

  • A Resource Center is a virtual library that can store and provide easy access to critical corporate information.  Access to the information is tracked at the item level for all employees, providing management with critical audit trails.

Company News

  • News can be posted to inform the employees of important changes within the company, accomplishments or even can be used to announce the employee of the month. News can be dispersed across the portal and can be grouped into one to many categories.  Release dates can occur in the past, present and future for time-sensitive releases.

Message Center

  • A Message Center allows employees to connect to each other and allows management to broadcast important information to their team.  Companies that deploy a Message Center enhance internal communications by providing a focused view of important information.

Surveys / Suggestion Boxes

  • Smart and powerful surveys can rapidly be created and deployed to groups of employees or the entire company.  A survey can be built with smart “branching logic” or standard Q&A logic.

Digital Forums

  • Digital Forums enable employees to share their ideas, learn from others and build teamwork & creative thought.  Discussions that once happened around the water cooler or in the conference room can now take place in the digital space.

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