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eLearning Portal by 319 NetWorks

The 319 eLearning Portal is a SCORM 1.2 compliant eLearning Platform.  This solution suite decreases the onboarding time of your channel, your employees, and your vendors.  It reduces support costs while at the same time delivers a very high level of satisfaction to your customers.


319 eLearning Solutions are built on the premise that a learning portal should be a centric part of any company.  They must be easy to use, manage, and maintain.  Our eLearning solutions empower your staff to use standard sets of tools to rapidly and easily build courses that can simply be deployed, tracked and administered to their constituents.


The 319 eLearning Portal can be configured to have a single or dual tier of distribution.  Dual tiers are beneficial when your needs require your customers to have mini learning centers for their employees and/or their own customers.  This dual tier solution allows the channel to customize the course by adding front end and/or back end content onto the course that is specific to their needs.  The system segments reporting and allows administrators to add and manage their own students all within the portal.  Additionally, they can send out notifications and track all student activity.


319 eLearning Solutions are scalable to tens of thousands of active students and can handle courses or almost any size.  Applications within the  319 eLearning Portal include but are not limited to:

  • Employee Education Center
  • Customer Education Center
  • Association Industry Training Center
  • Sales and Partner Training and Certification Center
  • Vendor Training and Certification Center
  • And many others...

Platform319 enables easy integration into your back office systems, allowing for dynamic student creation and course assignment through the 319Portal API.  Base functions include:

  • Add and Manage Students
  • Reporting
  • Notifications with custom Message Creation
  • My Account
  • Pages and Basic Content
  • Portal Admin System
  • Student Authentication
  • Bucketing of Courses into Course Types
  • Bookmarking
  • Pass/ Fail Tracking
  • Grouping of Students
  • Assignments of courses to a student / and or group
  • Learning Courses
  • Administrator Support
  • Student Center
  • Portal Workstation
  • Student Profile Self Service
  • Integrated SCORM Wrapper
  • SCORM Course Explosion
  • SCORM Quiz Integration and Reporting

Dual Tier Configuration adds a set of functions that allow for the Partner / Channel to add and manage their own students along with segmentation of data for only their students’ vs. students from another Partner. This allows student from all Partners to work securely within the same portal.  Additional Dual Tier Features include:

  • My Content
  • My Branding
  • Add and Management of Students segmented by the Tier
  • Custom Notifications from the Partner Learning Administrator and not from the company directly.
  • And much more...

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