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Dynamics NAV Portals by 319 NetWorks

319 NetWorks is proud to offer advanced integration through a proprietary API to Microsoft's Dynamics NAV.  With our highly secure, fault tolerant, and robust performing connection, we are able to expose key functions and sets of information in a portal environment.


Our Dynamics NAV Portal provides companies with the tools they need to bring their customer service to the highest level.  A partial list of portal features:

  • Order initiation, creation, follow-thru
  • Inventory verification and tracking
  • Custom reporting
  • Critical alerts & notifications
  • Profile management
  • Connection to account managers
  • Robust communication via chat, message, e-mail
  • Reconfigurable, scalable portal assets
  • Content & function segregation & personalization
  • Continual portal evolvement to solve company needs

The benefits of implementing a Dynamics NAV Portal are endless.  Our clients have reported back to us tons of success stories.  To note a few:

  • "What used to take hours or even days now takes 5 minutes.  Thank you for helping us grow!"
  • "Our customers love the ability to grab time-sensitive information on their terms.  It really makes a difference for us."
  • "One thing that I really like to do is track the activity of our customers in the portal.  Often, I can follow up with a friendly note or a call based on what they have done to ensure their satisfaction.  No doubt, we have built a stronger bond between us."
  • "I think this portal definitely gives us a leg-up on the competition.  More and more people want to hop online to interact with us versus picking up the phone.  I am pleased with the results."


In addition to the general availability of our Dynamics NAV Portal, it also offers our reseller/developer partners another gateway to broaden their base of business.  Contact us today to learn more or complete the 319Partner Application to get started!