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Customer Service Portal by 319 NetWorks

The 319 Customer Service Portal is all about delivering the highest client satisfaction while reducing support costs for the enterprise.  More and more, customers seek to resolve service and support needs online versus picking up the phone.  As subsequent generations of technically inclined people enter the workforce, this trend will only continue to grow.  We built our philosophical beliefs of solving true business needs into the 319 Customer Service Portal.


Key features include:


Connect to My Account Manager

  • SmartLogic that connects a customer to their dedicated account manager or account management team through messaging, live chat, and / or e-mail

Support Tickets

  • Enables the creation of support tickets with reference numbers, tracking, and follow-through, with support team member activity logged for management review

Education Center

  • Allows customers to be notified and registered for product / service demonstrations, instructional usage, or any other need required
  • SCORM 1.2 compliant


  • A proprietary secure file sharing engine for product downloads, patches, and more
  • Tracks all activity for compliance purposes

Resource Center

  • The Resource Center is a virtual library that can store and provide easy access to critical support information, guides & manuals, product spec sheets, and much more
  • Access to the information is tracked at the item level for all users, providing management with critical audit trails


  • A proprietary knowledge building Q&A community, connecting people with resources and needs
  • Contains logic to anticipate needs and deliver meaningful insights

Find a Location

  • Thorough mapping system to locate business locations, connect, and communicate
  • Send directions to e-mail or cell phone

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