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Portal Solutions by 319 NetWorks

The importance of web portals for businesses cannot be understated.  As the business world moves increasingly towards virtual offices, distributed employees, and pro-active operations, it is essential to implement a portal solution to empower your employees, customers, and vendors to make better and more informed decisions, anticipate needs, and deliver an enriching experience with the business.  Portals also help reduce costs, save time, increase collaboration, increase productivity and enable 24-7 self-service engagement with the business.

Why does your business need a portal?

Platform319 Portals are powerful solutions for delivering engaging web content and applications in an integrated, differentiated and personalized web experience.  Platform319, the leading web portal management platform, brings tremendous value to your business thorough a range of features, including:

  • Management of portal content
  • Configuration of portal functions
  • Business intelligence through meaningful portal user activity analysis
  • Self-service accessibility to critical information and assets
  • User authenticated content & function personalization

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