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Platform319 Workstation by 319 NetWorks

Platform319 Workstation is a very powerful and reconfigurable web based solution to manage people, communications, site activity and tasks.  It has a vast set of features allowing the firm to be in control over and collaborate with its employees, customer and vendors.


Workstation is 100% integrated to the website / portal and enables a closed loop work cycle for sales & marketing, administrative, and customer service duties.  Workstation empowers websites and portals to do more for your business and afford your staff a highly productive work environment.




Key features include:

  • Dashboard

The Dashboard delivers critical, time-sensitive information to your home screen including new form submissions, new messages, and alerts.

  • Alerts

Alerts are escalated internal messages that will appear on the Dashboard of your Workstation

  • 319 Message

319 Message allows managers or staff to securely communicate to one another within the framework of the system.  Message notifications are delivered as a notification on the portal / website, as an e-mail notification, and as a new message in the Workstation dashboard for maximum visibility.  SMS notification is also available for critical, time sensitive information.

  • Form Workflow

Within Workstation, users can collaborate around form submissions to set its status, read and respond to form submissions, add notes, and pass form processing to other members of the team.

  • Contacts

Each user in the system has a personal profile card, with editable fields for contact information, security (login/password), support channels, and additional properties.  From the contact page, users can send communication, view functional reports, and gain insight to user activity.

  • Companies

System companies can be managed within Workstation to maintain contact information, key personnel, and to view a complete set of company related activity within the site / portal.

  • Groups

Workstation users can create and manage user or company groups.  Groups are key in segmenting permissions and content, sending mass communication, and organizing tasks.

  • Reports

Reports are preconfigured to provide important insight to site / portal activity.  Reports include:

  • Compliance Report to display user activity within the Administrative and Workstation system
  • Data Builder Report to begin the collaborative process for diligence, applications, surveys, and more
  • Form Analyzer Report to view Form submission data and activity
  • Page History to view site page activity by user / IP address
  • Resource Center Report to gain key insights to all Resource Center activity
  • Learning Report to understand student progress and scoring in eLearning courses
  • Login Report to view user activity in secure areas
  • Much more...
  • E-Mail Marketing

Workstation contains a complete e-mail marketing toolkit to create e-mail templates, dynamically insert content, send mass e-mails, and gain insights to bounce rate, open counts, and more.


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