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Mining / Metals Websites by 319 NetWorks

319 NetWorks has deep industry experience in mining & metals organizations.  Our extensive knowledge of industry business processes and typical operations has led to a purposeful set of features & functions included in our precious metals web solution.



  • FedEx™ Prepare Shipment Integration

Recycling and refining precious metals is at an all-time high.  At each level of the precious metals lifecycle, aggregators, collectors, and purchasers of scrap precious metals are working together to maximize returns and take advantage of market conditions.

Smelting and refining organizations can use the FedEx Prepare Shipment module to accept incoming shipments of precious metals scrap.  With a custom form that outputs a barcoded shipping document, customer invoice, and custom e-mail with tracking number, users can quickly, easily, and securely get their precious metals scrap to a refiner.


  • Scrap Calculator

Sellers of precious metals have more options than ever on who they work with and which company will maximize their return.  The 319 Mining & Metals web solution is equipped with a "Scrap Calculator," which can be customized to any combination or formula.  The Scrap Calculator offers your customers a simple way to gain a solid expectation of what the value of their material would be.


  • Live Pricing

While on the site, your customers will have instant visibility to the market value of metals through the 319 Live Pricing module.  The module has significant use in other features of the site, such as calculating the value of a shipment during the preparation process or in the scrap calculator.


  • New Account Forms / Anti-Money Laundering & USA Patriot Act Compliance

319 Mining & Metals web solutions includes a comprehensive form system to collect critical information needed for dealers in precious metals.  In addition to the traditional e-mail delivery of form results, you also have the option of adding workflow to forms.

By adding user(s) such as compliance officers to the workflow list, form results will be delivered to the dashboard of that individual’s Workstation. Within Workstation, the officer can perform follow-up duties on the form such as view the form data, add notes to the form, or change its status and bring it to resolution or next steps.